• RESPIMER NetiFlow is a nasal washing device that consists of irrigating the nasal sinus cavities in an abundant and continuous flow, in order to decongest, cleanse and sooth the mucous membranes of the respiratory system.
  • RESPIMER NetiFlow offers lasting relief from nasal and sinus symptoms, and a significant improvement in quality of life.


Pack Respimer Netiflow
  • 1 bottle 240ml
  • 2 soft textured nozzles + 1 dip tube
  • 1 screw-on collar for bottle
  • 6 pre-dosed, ready to use sachets

The special characteristics of RESPIMER NetiFlow are the high tolerance formula (close to that of extracellular fluid) and the device offering a choice between 2 irrigation modes according to your preference and symptoms.


Diluting one or two RESPIMER NetiFlow sachets in 240ml* of spring or mineral water (non-sparkling) delivers a nasal irrigation solution with the following UNIQUE characteristics :


    • A pharmaceutical grade complex comprised of 5 mineral salts.
    • A mineral composition that delivers a solution close to extracellular fluid.


    • Loosens mucus and removes all types of secretions, scabs and infectious agents
    • Relieves nasal congestion and sinus pressure (osmotic effect)
    • Helps reduce the need for medication in case of rhinosinusitis and allergic rhinitis.
    • Promotes correct functioning of the respiratory system defence mechanisms (mucociliary beat and clearance)


    • Good tolerance thanks to the sodium bicarbonate-based buffer system.
    • Physiology of the nasal mucous membrane, with a controlled pH value close to 8 and the absence of any preservatives or chemical derivatives.

Respimer Netiflow : UNIQUE characteristics

Administration Mode

RESPIMER NetiFlow offers two modes of administration according to preference and symptom severity:

Administration Mode RESPIMER Netiflow Mild Irrigation


  • The bottle and the curved nozzle should be facing down
  • Squeezing the bottle with your hand allows the solution to flow into your nostril by gravity.
Administration Mode RESPIMER Netiflow Intense Irrigation


  • Hold the bottle and straight nozzle in an upright position
  • Squeezing the bottle with your hand allows the solution to enter your nostril.


Respimer NetiFlow is an INNOVATIVE device for a customised, practical and effective nasal irrigation

Dispositif Respimer Netiflow


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