Before using the device for the first time, each part should be washed using soapy water then rinsed.

  • Wash your hands
Pour the contents
  • Pour the contents of 1 or 2 sachet(s) into the bottle
  • 1 sachet for an isotonic solution
  • 2 sachets for a hypertonic solution
Fill the bottle
  • Fill the bottle with approximately 240ml of lukewarm spring or mineral water*
  • Select the mode of administration according to your preference and your symptoms:
Preparation Respimer NetiFlow Mild Irrigation
  • For mild irrigation, by gravity, screw the collar onto the bottle and attach the curved nozzle,
Preparation Respimer NetiFlow Intense Irrigation
  • For intense irrigation, by manual pressure, first fit the dip tube into the hole on the collar, then screw the collar onto the bottle and attach the straight nozzle.
  • Adjust the intensity of the flow: « 1 drop » for a medium stream, « 3 drops » for a full stream
Shake the bottle
  • Shake the bottle, placing your finger over the opening of the nozzle